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Introducing VATITcorporatetax, offering Corporate Income Tax (CIT) solutions to clients. The services we offer include CIT Compliance, CIT Consulting, VATITadd for CIT, and more. Our team of experts can evaluate your business needs and provide you with a custom solutions package. 

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Building stakeholder trust through tax compliance.

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Tax compliance is an integral part of an entities’ corporate governance strategy ensuring credibility and long-term value creation for stakeholders.
Our dedicated team of specialists is at the forefront of all legislative and regulatory requirements and can support you in your undertaking to be a tax-compliant organization. We commit to partnering with you to ensure that your tax obligations are met timeously and accurately and to minimize the risk of penalties and interest.
We understand that every client has different needs and therefore our service offerings are tailored to your business requirements. Our service offerings range from high-level reviews, to fully outsourced tax compliance services and include the following:

Corporate Income Tax Filings:

Our team of specialists can assist you with the review/preparation and filing of your provisional tax returns, annual income tax returns, and withholding tax returns. In performing this service we will provide you with detailed information in the form and manner as prescribed by SARS.


You will have peace of mind that the information submitted to SARS is complete and accurate to avoid any penalties and in the case of an income tax audit you will have the information readily available to respond and conclude in a timely manner.

Correspondence With Revenue Authorities:

We are skilled at effectively corresponding with tax authorities relating amongst others the following matters:​

SARS audit

We are skilled at responding to SARS queries swiftly and effectively, saving you time and ensuring that your representations to SARS are complete and accurate.

SARS objections and appeals

It is imperative for an organization to ensure the technical accuracy and completeness of objections against an income tax assessment or decision. A default or omission in an initial objection can have adverse consequences on the outcome of any appeal.

We can assist in the drafting of formal written dispute responses to SARS. It includes requesting suspension of payments, seeking condonations for late submission of a dispute, notice of objections, a notice of appeals, and requests to participate in an Alternative Dispute Resolutions process.

Voluntary Disclosure Applications ("VDPs")

Our team of specialists can assist you in submitting a VDP to correct historic tax positions taken and to motivate the relevant behaviour resulting in the understatement historically.

Request for remittance of penalties and interest

We have assisted a number of clients to remit penalties and limit interest charged by SARS. Make use of our experience and legislative knowledge to assist you in this regard.

Requests for reduced assessments etc.



Offering sustainable & responsible tax planning solutions.

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In the current corporate climate it is more important than ever to protect shareholder value and to arrange your tax affairs as effectively as possible.


We commit to ensuring that you do not pay more tax than is properly due under a reasonable interpretation of the tax law ensuring minimal exposure to tax penalties and interest.

CIT consulting offers the following solutions:

Technical opinions

As registered tax practitioners, we provide our clients with formal opinions about the correct income tax treatment of transactions. We can also assist with the drafting and submitting of ruling applications to SARS requesting guidance or confirmation of a taxpayer's view about the tax treatment of specific transactions.

Tax Benefit Review

The primary objective of the Tax Benefit Review is to identify whether there are any opportunities to reduce the tax liabilities of your organization. In respect of this service offering, we are only compensated for our services when identifying tax savings for you.

Tax Risk Review

As part of this review, we will identify high-level risk areas where tax was not treated correctly. This service includes verifications of selected transactions and focus areas that SARS would generally audit.

Tax Accounting

Our team can assist you with tax accounting services including the preparation/review of income tax and deferred tax calculations for annual financial statement (‘AFS’) purposes. Make use of this service to ensure your company correctly accounts for all significant corporate transactions in line with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRS’).

Tax Structuring

We will assess the commercial goals of corporate transactions and assist you in structuring the transaction in a tax-efficient manner. As part of this service offering, we can assist you in considering pertinent issues that impact corporate restructurings including the acquisition or disposal of entities in a group, debt forgiveness, debt restructurings, and more.

SARS Audit and Dispute Resolution

Trust us to assist you in responding to information requests from SARS effectively and keeping your exposure to penalties and interest to a minimum. We assist you in drafting response letters and ensuring that you have the correct documentary evidence to support your case.


A default or omission in an initial objection can have adverse consequences to the outcome of any appeal. Make use of our service offering to ensure your objections and appeals are technically correct to ensure that your disputes with SARS are resolved in a manner that is efficient and fair.


Additional services at your fingertips.

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VATITadd is a subscription-based service which allows clients control over any queries they have. This service offering was created due to a demand from clients for a quick point of reference to obtain assistance with Corporate Income Tax and VAT-related matters. 

Our VATITadd platform allows clients to submit any VAT or CIT queries and get quick feedback. The platform also provides our clients full access to a knowledge base rich with articles of interest and case studies of problems and solutions. 

We aim to provide real-time solutions to clients with a platform rich with knowledge, features, and functionality. 


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This popular service offering combines the VATITadd and our Compliance service offerings. You will receive all the benefits of our VATitadd service offering and our specialists will assist you with all VAT and CIT Compliance requirements. In addition, you will receive a discount on all other VATIT SA service offerings when you have subscribed to the VATITadd-Compliance platform.

Now you can get your VATITadd and tax compliance service combined for a discounted fee and it includes:

VATITadd & Compliance includes:

  • Access to a designated team of Tax Professionals;

  • Quick point of reference to obtain assistance with various VAT and CIT-related matters and technical inquiries;

  • Managed VAT and CIT compliance;

  • Non-compliance issues identified during the compliance review will be reported in our VATITadd reports with reference to applicable legislation;

  • Interaction and relationship with Tax Authorities;

  • Ensuring that tax workings and supporting documents for VAT and CIT are compliant with South African legislation;

  • Request and obtain re-issued copy Tax invoices from suppliers if non-compliant for VAT purposes;

  • Registration Analysis to determine whether or not your company should be registered for tax in South Africa;

  • Assistance with Registration and or updating of registered particulars with SARS and CIPC.

VATITadd can be combined with VAT compliance, CIT compliance or both. 

Additional Disocunt on other services outside the scope of VATITadd- VAT and CIT Complaince.

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Noncompliance can lead to serious penalties. To avoid this, book a time with our specialist today.

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