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Providing Tax Solutions to suppliers of Digital Services from around the world.

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VATITe-services is our latest product offering, serving Digital Services businesses across the globe. 

You might be asking yourself what Digital Services are and why it is  to find out the Tax requirements within various jurisdictions.

Digital Services are services provided online, based on communications and information technology. These services are web and cloud-based. What makes Digital services so interesting is the accessibility of any Digital Services company to almost any consumer in the world, if they have access to a mobile or laptop and the internet. 

The Digital economy is growing two and a half times faster than the global GDP, and governments globally are trying to tax the resulting revenue - mostly jurisdictions that are not home to the largest companies in the digital economy. ​

The Digital economy is equivalent to 15.5% of the global GDP and counting. 

Global expansion has sparked a lot of debate around the regulation and legal realms. Therefore the introduction of Digital Services Tax was introduced in many jurisdictions. 

If you provide Digital Services in more than one country it might be time for you to check your status. Contact us today and find out if you are liable for Digital Services Tax. 




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Online gaming is a game that requires an internet connection to play. They are different from video and computer games in that they are platform or cloud-based and independent. Good examples of online games are World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Fortnite. 

A laptop, PC, mobile, or tablet is generally required to play games online. 

Examples of popular online gaming businesses are Sony, Tencent, Nintendo, and Microsoft. 


E-commerce websites are any websites that buy and sell goods and services online through their web platform. It can be either Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions. 

E-commerce sites are powered by the internet and accessed through a person's laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile. The customer can then access the website and make immediate purchases through a payment portal, generally integrated into the e-commerce website.

Examples of popular e-commerce businesses are Amazon, eBay, and Takealot. 



A cloud-based software solution refers to applications, storage, on-demand services, computer networks, or other resources accessed with an internet connection through another provider's shared cloud computing framework. 

A software company is any business that sells software, servers, storage, and networks to other companies online. 

Examples of such businesses are Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce.




Music streaming services are web-based services that let users stream songs to their computers or mobile devices. The service allows users to download songs offline and playback them at their pleasure. 

Examples of popular music streaming businesses are Spotify, Itunes, Google Play Music, and Apple Music. 


Our Latest Product in E-services!


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DigiTax is our latest software application that allows any digital/e-services provider, to check their e-services VAT requirements in the country jurisdiction of their inquiry. Because we have taken this process online, we have made the process more accessible, more efficient, and more affordable than ever before. 

DigiTax is the first of its kind, allowing our customers to take control of their VAT needs. DigiTax lets clients search for only the information they need and when they need it, putting the power back in the hands of our customers. 

DigiTax is COMING SOON....​

In the meantime, contact our specialists to get your Digital Tax requirements sorted.


The first step in our DigiTax system offers our clients a free assessment. The specialist will assess whether you have any liability in the jurisdiction of your inquiry. Different countries have different requirements regarding Digital Services Tax. The DigiTax specialists analyze the initial assessment before deciding on the way forward.



After our specialist has analyzed our client's potential liability, further questions get asked to finalize the client's business needs in Digital Tax. 

Our Digital Tax Specialist can then make a final decision on the needs of the business about the specific jurisdiction of operation. 



The in-depth opinion provides further information to the client on their possible Tax liability and instructions on what to do. The document also states how to do the registration and how to avoid potential penalties. 



The in-depth opinion provides the client with the right tools to make an informed decision. However, should the client not want to do this themselves, our Digital Tax Specialists can jump in. 
Our specialists can handle the registration from beginning to end, taking the pain and hassle away from the clients. 

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