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As a specialist South African VAT & Tax firm, we provide the best solutions in tax compliance, consulting, dispute resolutions, and more. Our tax solutions are sustainable and responsible, resulting in long-term business growth. 

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Who are we?

VAT IT SA is a leading tax firm in South Africa specializing in Corporate Income  Tax, VAT, and other tax types. Our service offerings range from Tax Compliance to Tax Consulting, Dispute Resolutions, Risk Reviews, and more. 

VAT IT SA is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and works closely with the global offices to ensure our clients have all the resources needed for successful business transactions.

Although South African-based, VAT IT SA has a global footprint assisting clients in Europe, the GCC, and America.

Our business provides solutions to our clients daily, with extensive experience, a highly professional team, and an array of service offerings.

What makes us industry leaders?

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VAT IT SA has simpified the way in which VAT Reviews and Advisory is offered to its clients. Keeping our processes simple and streamlined, allows our clients to focus on what matters more. 

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With over 100 years combined experience and knowledge in the field, our experts work smartly to bring the best service to our clients, daily.

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Service is extremely important to us. Our clients come first and we show that through excellent service levels and highly satisfied clients. 

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VAT IT SA has developed various service offerings for its clients. Our service offerings are there to cater to every client's unique needs. It removes the uncertainty and stress from our clients, and solutions are readily available to them. 


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