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VATITcompliance is a division within the VAT IT Group that specializes in compliance solutions. We start by analyzing whether your business is liable for VAT Registration, then we can manage and/or assist with your monthly VAT submissions and compliance.

VATITcompliance can provide a written analysis to determine whether or not your entity should register for VAT in South Africa, including Electronic Services Analysis.


VATITcompliance will facilitate the process of applying for VAT registration on behalf of your entity, including Electronic Services Registrations.


Once your entity gets registered for VAT, you will have to ensure that it is compliant with the relevant VAT reporting obligations.


VATITcompliance offers a range of services to ensure that your entity remains compliant. Service offerings range from fully outsourced VAT packages taking care of all your VAT obligations so that you can focus on your business to specific packages that meet your requirements.


Compliance services typically include:

  • Preparation, review, and filing of VAT returns on a monthly or bi-monthly basis;

  • Dealing with correspondence from SARS and other matters arising, including VAT audits;

  • Providing VAT consulting services regarding inquiries applicable to the VAT registration.


VATITcompliance also offers fiscal representation in South Africa.


Certain countries require you to appoint a fiscal representative when your company is outside the country of registration.


SA Compliance

sa Secretarial Services


VATITcompliance offers secretarial services to ensure all compliance requirements are met with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (‘CIPC’).
Non-compliance with the above will result in delays when corresponding with SARS and may have implications when a specific time frame such as submitting objections, appeals, or requesting further information from SARS applies.



VATITcompliance offers various additional consulting services such as Annual VAT Compliance Reviews, Request for remittance of penalties, Requests for Interest on delayed refunds, assistance with SARS account maintenance matters, request for change in accounting basis, VAT deregistration, and so on. 

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